The Saint At Large exists in the space where music, dance and art collide. Since 1980, it has retained its reputation for provocation with cutting-edge, theatrical innovation and staging. It continues to transport its loyal audience with large-scale immersive installations set against the beats of the best DJs from the international underground. Its biggest and most storied event, The Black Party held every Spring in New York City, is considered the father of all large gay circuit events and remains unchallenged as the forbearer in an ever-changing NYC nightlife environment. It’s an unapologetically, sexually-propelled LGBTQ phenomenon with a religious-like following.

At midnight on September 20th 1980, the Saint nightclub opened in New York City’s East Village. In celebration of that historic event, The Saint At Large presents Stories of the Saint.

Stories of the Saint - Chapter 1: The Opening

Stories of the Saint - Chapter 2: The Architecture

Stories of the Saint - Chapter 3: The Trip

Stories of the Saint - Chapter 4: The Era

Stories of the Saint - Chapter 5: The Clubs

Images from the classic Dome at the legendary Saint space