Frequently Asked Questions

See below for the top points to know about the Black Party event on April 6 at the New York Expo Center

  1. This is a 18+ hour event with multiple DJ sets. Doors open 10pm Sat April 6 and goes till 3pm Sunday afternoon.

  2. Location: New York Expo Center located at 1110 Oak Point Ave, Bronx, NY 10474.

  3. Tickets are sold both online and in-store (without service fees).

  4. Bring your physical, printed e-ticket, or phone ticket for easy scanning and check in with government-issued photo ID.

  5. Door Sales: Tickets will be available at the door. There will be ATMs on the premises and we will accept major credit cards.

  6. Free Round trip shuttle service from Hell’s Kitchen and Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  7. There will be a fully stocked bar at the venue.

  8. Complimentary coffee, cookies and fruit served after 2am.

  9. Entrance after 9 am on Sunday is just $60. Come fresh in the morning, avoid lines and dance all day.

  10. Coat Check:There is a coat check to accommodate hanging clothes and bags, but there are fees for both. Even though there is a designated changing area, try packing lightly. Free Cell phone check is mandatory. 

  11. Security: Hired and staffed by Saint At Large, the security detail is BP-friendly. You will pass through security after coat check to ensure that your cellphone has been checked.

  12. Re-entry: In/Out Privileges available for a $10 bracelet. Go home, rest and come back for the final hours. It will be worth the effort.  

  13. Medics: A fully staffed Medical Tent is provided to ensure maximum safety and care for our guests.

  14. We love you and we are excited for this edition of The Black Party. Be courteous, be kind, you may meet any of these people in another dimension.

The Saint at Large® presents Rites XL: The Black Party®
 Saturday April 6, 2019 • 10PM Saturday

Strange Live Acts • Dress: Heavy

Multiple DJs • 18+Hour Event
 21+ Valid ID Required

Tickets: www.saintatlarge.com


1. The first Black Party® was held in 1980 at the private gay disco, Flamingo, on the second floor of a building on the SW corner of Broadway & Houston. The following year it moved to the new members only gay club, The Saint at 105 Second Avenue at 6th Street. Constructed within the premises of the famous Sixties rock-n-roll venue Fillmore East (Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, The Doors, etc.), The Saint At Large’s namesake is considered one of the most futuristic, architecturally and sonically sophisticated clubs (gay or straight) ever built. (Watch the “Stories of The Saint” mini documentary series and see photos here.)

Weekly from 1980-1988, under the club’s domed, perfectly circular dancefloor, lit by a planetarium robot, and driven by a 500 speaker, 26,000 watt sound system, underground gay DJs took 3000+ men on a 12-hour musical journey commonly referred to as The Saint Trip.

Following the closure of The Saint in 1988, The Black Party® was held for 2 more years at a stripped down version of the club before settling into a 24-year run at Roseland Ballroom. In the aftermath of the razing of Roseland, The Black Party® moved to new venues throughout the boroughs.