DJs 2019

Official DJ Roster for The Black Party 2019 “Caligula”


Byrell the Great

Known for his master mixes produced for the underground dance scene of New York City and as a growing entity featured in the indie film "Kiki" in 2017, this DJ/Beat Producer is a major component of the Ballroom community. Winner of the 2018 and 2019 HMI BALLROOM DJ OF THE YEAR AWARD.


Roi Perez

Roi Perez is a DJ and music enthusiast. In 2011 the native Israeli started playing records in Tel Aviv’s underground queer clubbing scene. Upon his move to Germany’s capital Berlin in 2013 he continued his personal journey of establishing a coherent, creative and consistent musical language, constantly refining his skills, style and knowledge until the present day. Roi soon started playing Berlin’s busiest dancefloors – including Berghain’s Panorama Bar, where he holds a residency – and has since been playing worldwide.


Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is a man of many roles in the queer underground dance music scene and has been a crucial player in bringing it to where it stands today. He's one half of the Brooklyn-based DJ duo/party Wrecked, co-founder of Club Toilet in Detroit and an agent to many of your favorite artists. He's been a regular at Saint At Large events since he made his main floor debut at Roseland in 2013 and DJ'd top clubs and parties from Sao Paulo, Berlin, Mexico City, London as well as around the USA.


BORIS (Berlin)

Boris is kind of a charismatic, multifunctional weapon in the Berlin club life. His musical roots reach back to the mid 80s, when he lived in New York for four years where he absorbed the unique spirit of the seminal club Paradise Garage weekend after weekend. Many years later, Boris became a resident at Panorama Bar’s first incarnation in Berlin, where he was able to build a loyal following by playing long sets lasting until noon. After the old OstGut/Panorama Bar closed in 2003, Boris played in almost every club in Berlin, but when the follow up club Berghain opened its doors in 2004, he became a resident while still making guest appearances around the globe.


Mike Servito

Detroit never forgot about Mike Servito, his upfront dirty deep and bitchy taste has had an impact on Detroit nightlife for over a decade. From debuting in 1995 at Dat's Poorboy parties, to being a resident at blackbx and Ghostly's Untitled contributing to the bizarrely popular, wild and free Dorkwave, to blowing minds at Interdimensional Transmissions' No Way Back parties, Servito has made his impression. Moving to Brooklyn, Detroit's loss has been their gain, as he has found a proper home with a residency at The Bunker and is a frequent guest around the world.


DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey is a living legend. He was called “the Keith Richards of dance music” by Rolling Stone Magazine as they named him one of 25 DJ's That Rule The Earth. Best put by the man himself, “You can't understand the blues until you've had your heart broken and you can't understand my music until you’ve had group sex on Ecstasy.” Harvey tours the world at his own pace leaving plenty of time off for his other hobbies, surfing, collecting hi-fi, mantiques, vinyl and riding fast motorcycles. This year, the legend closes the Black Party for it's 40th anniversary celebration.

This is DJ Harvey’s debut at The Black Party